TMMH 824

  • Premium Maize hybrid with very high yield potential
  • Medium maturity (Spring: 90-95 days and Rabi: 120-125 days (AP & TS) and 140-150 days (BR)
  • Highly suitable for Spring season cultivation being highly heat tolerant (Excellent seed setting in high temperatures)
  • Erect plant type and suitable for high-density planting
  • Long, robust, and uniform cobs with 16-18 rows & 40-45 seeds/row
  • Shelling percent: > 80%
  • Very attractive Orange Yellow semi-flint grains with good storability
  • Good standability and highly responsive to high management growing conditions
  • Suitable for high management growing conditions during Summer season in BR, . PB, UP, UK & during Rabi season in AP, CG, GJ, MH, PB, TN, TS& WB.